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Report & Estimate of the Value of the Improvements which have taken place in the Public Buildings of Sydney, Parramatta, Windsor, Liverpool and Campbell-Town / Standish Lawrence Harris
C 225 - C 226

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No. 2.

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1290 New South Wales

and Estimate of the Value of the Improvements which have taken place in the Public Buildings of
between the 25 Decr. 1822 & the 24th of Decr. 1823 inclusive, and an Expose of the present state of the Public Buildings in New South Wales
By Order of His Excellency Sir Thomas Brisbane K.C.B. etc. etc.

[Initials] 1865

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Pages Plan and Elevation of Military Barracks

3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Expose and Estimate of Military Barracks
12, Plan of the Police Office
13, Elevation of Police Office
14, 15, 16, 17, Expose and Estimate of Police Office
18, Military Hospital
19, Doctors House adjoining Military Hospital
22, Plan of Carter’s Barracks
23, 24, 25, Expose and Estimate of Military Hospital
26, Outlines of the Orphan School & Lumber Yd.
27, Expose of Orphan School & Lumber Yd.
28, Plan of Court House
29, Elevation of Court House
30, Expose of Court House
32, Elevation of the Light House
33, Plan of Light House
34, Light House of the Area & Lodges
35, 36, Expose & Estimate of Light House
38 Elevation of the Asylum
39 Plan of Asylum
40 Asylum of Premises adjoining
42 Plan of Commissariat Store, Wharf & etc
43 Elevation of Commissariat Store, Wharf & etc
46 Plan of Prisoners Barracks
47 Elevation of Prisoners Barracks
52 Summary of Estimates

[Note at the end of page -]
No. 27 & 28 missing. Aug. 10, 1931
Also pp 49-50 [probably blank.]

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[Measurements and estimated costs noted/listed on this page and where relevant on the following pages have not been transcribed.]

The additional Buildings to these Barracks, were commenced in the year 1822; but the Brick work was so wretchedly done, that the walls had to be plaistered [currently spelt "plastered"] on the outside at a very heavy expense; the work however will be preserved by this method, as the Mortar is of a better quality than that generally used in the Colony.
The Buildings & plaistering are well executed, as far as regards plain work; but a good Cornice Moulding or Flower is in vain to be expected, as no encouragement is given to hands of this description. – A large Cellar was commenced under the Hall & Billiard Room, & finished in the year 1823, but being excavated out of solid rock, an enormous expense has been

of Earth & Loam Excavation for Cellars under Mess room & new offices
of excavation through solid rock in [Cellars]
[of] Earth & Loam excavation under Hall & Stairs in [Cellars] –
of excavation through solid rock in [Cellars]
[of] Brickwork in Walls & Piers under Groin Sheeting of [Cellars]
[of] Brickwork in groins & Arches include’g filling over Cellars.
Centering under all Wine Binns & Cellars
of Cuttar cut under flags / to meet main sewer / out of solid rock
of flagging in passages between Binns
Cube / of Brick enclosing door –
Flagging in outer Cellars & passages on the Stairs & c -
of Stone Steps ascending from [Cellars]
[of] Brick Work under [Cellars]
3 Cellar Doors & door Cases, Locks, Hinges, & etc etc.

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The Privy & Sink, belonging to these Barracks, were in such a filthy & unwholesome state, that it was necessary to carry a main sewer from the additional Building to, & through George Street, at the back of the Lumber Yard, a distance of near 2000 feet, into a place intended for a Cess Pool, & which is to empty itself into the Sea.
The width of the above Cylinder is five feet in the clear, a considerable part of which has been cut out of the solid rock, & as far as it has been carried through George Street of great utility & improvement.
A similar Sewer has been made parrallel with the back wall of the Barrack, the original one not being completed to carry off the Soil

Brought over
of Bond Timber average 3 x 4
of Floor in Officers Mess & other rooms in that part of the addition, two Stories high
of Joists taken up & relaid under flooring
[of] Flooring in lower rooms of Officers department
[of] Roofing in Verandah
[of] Shingling & Battening
18 Columns under [Verandah]
of Facie Board including Plate
[of] Roofing including Shingling on Mess room
Hall & Stairs
of Gutter including lead
[of] Leaded Valleys to [Gutter] inclg brick work
[of] roofing on Kitchen & 3 other offices
[of] Brick work in Yard Wall & Privies
3 Arches taken down & put up
of excavation in Sewer from Pump in large Barrack Yard, leading thru the Offices & yards to join the main Sewer of Lower Wing Cube, of Sewer cut thru the solid rock
of 9 in. brick skirting round [Not sure of the reference here] in Walls & Arches
1000 Cart loads of Fillings over [Not sure of reference here] Shores & Yards
of Brick Gutter on Edge 12 in. wide
22 Stone Gratings capped.

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The Plaistering of the Ceilings in the old Buildins is continually dropping down.

Bro’t pver
of Stone work under flagging to support Columns
of flagging in Out Offices & Verandah
[of] [indecipherable] Stone Mouldings at foot of Verandah
[of] Cut Stone in Sills of Hall Back door
36 Windsor Stools set complete
1 Flight of Geometrical Stone Stairs complete, secured with circular Iron [indecipherable] at the head of each step, including Bannister & Hand rail
of large Sewer 4 x 5 leading from Privies in the West Wall thru’ back Gate including excavation & relaying
of Levelling the Hill thru solid rock in Barrack Yard including the taking away of the same
of [levelling the Hill?] Earth in [levelling the Hill]
[of] Strong rubble stone work in West Wall which had fallen down
of Brick work in repairing of Breaches taking down Chimnies, Forge Walls to privies & etc & etc

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Bro’t over
Taking down Stack of Kitchen Chimnies including oven, adding more Flues, & parjetting & curing the same
of Sash & Glass in Mess & other rooms attached including fitting & hanging 18 Frames to [Mess] including boxes, Casing Stops & Slips
of framed wainscoting in Shutters including Backs & Elbows of [Mess]
of [Mess] in Doors & jamb lining
[of] fancy sashing glass in door at landing of the Stairs to Ball Room & Hall Door
of double faced Architrave, including back mouldings round doors & Windows of plain wainscoting in back lining Caps, Window Boards & etc
20 Sash Fastenings
20 Fastening to Shutters including [Not sure of reference] to Back Folds
Iron mongery Bill for Locks hinges & etc

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Brought over
of Skirting Board 7 in. deep, inclg Ground Work
of Pilaster at Hall Door, under Arch of [Hall Door] & Door upstairs
of Ceiling Joist in [Not sure of reference]
[of] [Ceiling Joist in [Hall] including lower floors
3 Coats skimmed
of Secreted Plaistering on Walls of [Not sure of reference]
[of] Workmanship on Breaks of Mess Room
[of] enriched / [indecipherable] / Cornice in Ball room
3 Center Pieces in [Ball room]
of Moulded Cornice in Hall
[of] Souffet including Mouldings over Door Way to Stair Case, incl’g Hall door of Cornice on Stairs of [Ball room]
of [Souffet] round Mess room
[of] [Souffet] of Ceiling of Billiard room
[of] [Souffet] reed Moulding on intersection of Camp Ceiling over Mess Room
of Moulding, in Circles of Sundry Ceilings
Bro’t over

[Page 10]

Brought over
4 Common Chimney Pieces & Grates includ’g setting
4 Hearth Stones [Chimney Pieces & Grates]
4 Curly to [Chimney Pieces & Grates]]
4 bad Trimmer Arches under [Chimney Pieces & Grates]
of Saddles on Hips & ridges of Roof
[of] Ceiling in Verandah round
[of] Plaistering on outside Walls
[of] Sash & Glass in Officers Apartments including frame
of Wainscoting in Backs & Elbows of [Glass in Officers Apartments] including Window Shutters & Back Folds of [Glass in Officers Apartments]
of [Not sure of reference] in Door, & jamb linings
[indecipherable] Circular head Door Frames, includ’g Doors, Sash locks & Hinges, complete
of Floor & Joists in [Not sure of reference]
[of] Ceiling Joists in [Not sure of reference]
[of] Architrave round Doors & Windows
[of] Skirting board, 7 in. deep incl’g Ground work
[of] Facie Board in roof
[of] Screeded Plaistering on Walls

[Page 11]

Bro’ over
of Ceiling to [not sure of reference]
3 Privies complete incl’g Yard Walls &
of Cut Stone Steps to Doors, front and rear
[of] [not sure of reference] capping to Chimnies & Walls
Ironmongery Bill fastenings, locks & etc
18 Wood Chimney Pieces incl’g Grate Hearth Stones & etc.
Paining the sundry Wood work outside of Excavation in Main Store from
[Main Store] & through George St. to back of the Lumber Yard, filling in & etc. of Evacuation through solid rock
[of] 9 In. Brick Sheeting in a Cylinder Sewer 5 feet wide to [Not sure of reference] including Buttress, Wall & Centering,

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This Building was commenced in the year 1821 – from what plan it does not yet appear – various alterations have taken place to render it commodious, but a more inconvenient House could not well have been devised, either as regards a public office, or private dwelling – not even a Water Closet attached, tho’, such an essential convenience to any Public Building; & where a charming Spring of Water was situate within 40 feet, that might have been conveyed at a little expense to any part of the Premises. The Out Offices also are badly situated, / as a reference to the Plan will

of Hard wood Plank flooring workmanship & Nails
1 Flight of Geometrical Stairs & Handrail complete, finding Materials
11 Grates with the Chimney Pieces complete, including Hearth Stones & Setting
of Sash Frame complete includ’g Stops & Hanging
of Wainscoting in Doors & Jamb linings
of [Wainscoting] in Window Shutters
[of] Pilastre round Doors
[of] [Pilastre] round Windows
[of] Skirting Board including Ground Work & filling
Gate & Frame to Cover’d Way in Yard including Iron Work
Coach House Door complete
Bro’t over

[Page 15]

Shew, / the Coach House & Stables being so near the House, as scarcely to leave room for a Carriage to enter, without risk of being upset. – the Arches over the covered passage are likewise in danger of falling, as several Settlements are appearing in the Piers & Archways

of Rack & Manger
[of] Bridle Rack
4 Saddle Stands
Lath & Plaister Ceiling, incl’g. Joists in Stables
Plain plaistering inside
[Not sure of reference] in sheeting of Stables
of Post - 5 in. square
Door & Frame to Saddle room
[of] Scantling 3 x 4 to receive [Door and Frame]
[of] Floor & joist in Bridle Room
[of] Sash Frame & Glass [in Bridle Room]
Stable Door & Door Frame, Lock & etc.
2 Privy’s complete, flooring, Seats & etc
Flagging in Stable & Coach House]
Gutter in [Stable and Coach House]
A Pump, Stick & Handle, including Stone Trough & Flag to [Stable and Coach House]
Flagging in Underground Departmts
18 Stone Steps to[Stable and Coach House], built on Solid Work
Iron Handrail & Bannister
8 Strong Doors & Door Frames
Bro’t over

[Page 16]

Brought over
Brick & Stone Work in Kitchen range, includ’g Grate & etc Complete
of Stone Steps ascending & descending to [not sure of reference] Apartms
[of] [Stone Steps] Capping to Area in back yard
[of] Brick Work in Dwarf Walls under [Stone Steps]
[of] Cut Stone under Terrace at Hall Door
[of] rabble Stone Work under palisading in front
4 Brick Piers to Gates of [unsure of reference] Capping & Plaint
Solid cut Base Stone under railing to Plaint
Solid cut Base Stone under railing of Plaint
of Wood palisading over Plaint & Iron Stays
[of] Excavation in back Wall & Sundry other foundations
of Strong rabble Mason Work, grouted in Back Wall over Tank
of Filling in back yards Gateways & etc - & Gravel
[of] Plaistering on exterior & interior Wall
[of] Lath & Plaister on Ceiling of Covered Passage including Joists
of Plaister of [Covered Passage] & Souffet of Arches to [indecipherable]
Desk & Fixtures in the Police Office
Iron Mongery Account, including Balconies
Brot over

[Page 17]

Brought forward
of Cylinder Shore adjoining front & flank of [not sure of reference] including excavation
Painting & cleaning down all the work inside & out, including Sash & Glass
of Lead Pipe
2 Hopper heads to [not sure of reference]
2 Joints Soldered in Gutter

[Page 18]



[Note on side of drawing]
This building, together with the Doctor’s House, are in a tolerable state of Preservation, & well adapted for the purpose intended.

[Page 19]


DOCTOR’S HOUSE adjoining the Military Hospital

[Page 20]



[Page 21]

There are two Tread Mills in this Building; one erected on a large & more efficient principles / under the superintendence of the Colonial Secretary Major Goulburn / the other on a small scale, put up in the year 1822, & now used for the punishment of those committing minor offences; it is worked alternately by 20 prisoners, who grind on an average, 40 bushels of Corn daily, - the former was commenced building during the last year & adapted to the two purposes of employing Male & Female prisoners, - the

Cube, of Excavation in foundation of sundry Walls & Cess Pool
of Stone Work in foundation of sundry walls
[of] Cut stone Base in [Sundry] Wall
[of] Steps to door ways
24 Window Stools throated & [indecipherable], complete
[24] Blocks for Post
1 Cut Stone for the shaft of the Tread Mill to go through
[of] Cut Stone capping on the Walls of Airing Ground
[of[ Cut Stone] 2 Chimneys]
[of] Ceiling Course to rooms & Mill House
[of] Brick work in the Mill House yard, Walls, rooms, Chimney breasts & Shafts
of Roof & Shingles on Store Room
Line of Gutter Bracketed, boarded & sheeted with Lead at 7 or 8 ths to the foot 3 ft. wide, 1/4 in to a foot fall
of Hopper Head & Pipe to [not sure of reference]
Brot over

[Page 23]

Bro’t over
2 Privys complete
of additional Brick to Walls of Mill house
[of] Cylinder Shore round [Mill House] includ’g excavation

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[Page 26]

Several Plans & Specifications have been made for the proposed alterations in the Court House, & were submitted to Judge Forbes soon after his arrival, when His Honor was pleased to approve to the Plan now given – those parts coloured [indecipherable], shew the different alterations . - The Work has since commenced & of sufficient Hands & Materials are supplied will shortly be finished.
The roof was finished & contracted for during the last year as per Estimate annexed
To a Framed Truss Rood, including Ceiling Joist Shingles & Iron work complete as per Contract dated in 1823 for £820 Sterling

[Page 27]

[Drawing of]


[Page 28]

Plan of the Light House By S.L. Harris Cl Architect

[Pencil Note "Designed by Greenway"]

[Page 29]

Plan of the Area and Lodges adjoining the Light House.
To Sydney 7 Miles

[Page 30]


This useful Edifice was erected in the year 1817, & tho’ so recently finished, some large stones fell from the Arches during the last year, - several reports in consequence were made to Government by the Civil Architect, that if prompt Measures were not resorted to, in order to support the Tower, & replace the old Arches, the Building would inevitably give way; - directions were accordingly given, to repair it: & tho’ the attempt was a hazardous one, it has completely succeeded, - New Arches have been introduced on an improved principle, & as a further security, apertures were made in the courses of the Tower, & filled with liquid Mortar

1 x Glasier 6 days work at per diem [per day]
1 x Plumber 16 days work at per day
1 x Assistant to [the Plumber] 16 days work at per day
250 lbs of Solder
200 lbs of White Lead
2 lbs of Ivory black
10 Gallons Linseed Oil
1 x Smith 4 days work per day
21 lbs wrought Iron for Stays
1 x Stone Cutter 30 days work per day
1 x Stone Cutter 15 days work per day
40 Labourers preparing Scaffolding & etc per day
200 Strong [indecipherable] flat head Copper Nails of deck Stones
2 M of Brick
20 Brick Layers
300 Buckets of Lime
900 Buckets of Sand
80 x Masons making apertures & grouting Tower
Bro’t over

[Page 31]

to the top: this essential point having been omitted in the first Building – A large Iron Hoop has also been ingeniously confined to secure the base of the Tower, & forced with Wedges, to prevent any further settlements
Plumbers are now employ’d in sheeting the Corners & Stone Blocking Courses, to prevent the wet from soaking through, which has hitherto happened after heavy falls of Rain: indeed every precaution has been used, to put it into a state of the most perfect repair, in compliance with the wishes of His Excellency Sir T. Brisbane, who was pleased to bestow his personal attention upon the subject, in order that nothing should be omitted, which could tend to promote the permanency of this useful Structure.
Brought over
80 x Labourers to attend on [the Masons]
Making a Centre for Arch under Stairs
Setting Stone Steps over to key Arch taken down, including repairs & setting flags
1 x Plaisterer - 12 days at

[Page 32]


By S.L. Harris C.l. Architect 1824

[Page 33]


For Plan of Premises & etc See over

[Page 34]

Premises adjoining the Asylum
This Asylum for the Poor Blind, Aged & Infirm, was erected in 1820. L. Macquarie Esq being Governor. The Building was struck by Lightning in 1822, which occasioned the fracture of about 40 panes of Glass, & otherwise damaged the frames: it caused a settlement or two in the Brickwork, which since have been repaired at an expense of about £ 15, but not included in the present Estimates

[Page 35]

By S.L. Harris Cl. Architect 1824

[Page 36]

[Page 37]

Commissariat Store
of Cut Stone in stopping Windows & fire Places of Store containing Military Check
1 Inside strong double door, including hanging Locks & Hinges
120 Sheets of Tin nail’d to floor & Base of [Store] incl’g workmanship

Erected in 1812
This Building is now in a decaying state & shewing Settlement

[Page 38]


of Rabble Stone work in foundation wall under railing
of Cut Stone in Base of [Wharf]
[of] Staff Mouldings on both sides of [Wharf] including chamber
3094 lbs of Wrought Iron to railing round [Wharf]
105 lbs of Metal in Balls to [Wharf]
150 lbs of Lead in said Work
A pair of Iron Gates including fitting & hanging of Strong Post & Railing 8 feet high fencing Stage on the Wharf

[Page 39]

By S.L. Harris Cl. Architect

[Page 40]

of A

[Page 41]


This Building contains on an average about 500 Men, & is superior in point of Materials & workmanship to most of the Edifices reported on, / excepting the New Gaol & Liverpool Hospital /. It is however subjected to great inconvenience, in consequence of wet, there being no Water Closets as the Privys & Sewers that have been made are in a most offensive state, for want of Proper Sewers round the Building to carry off the Soil. The Exterior Walls that surround the Yard, were in a dilapidated state, but they have now undergone repair.

[Page 42]

Page 9 Military Barracks
Page 17 Police Office
Page 25 Carter’s Barracks
Page 37 Light House
Page 44 Commissariat Store
*Page 30 Court House Roof
Page 45 Wharf

Total of 2nd book
Total of 1st Book
Total of Sydney

Measurer’s Fees 3 [indecipherable]

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No. 3

[Page 44]

1290 New South Wales

And Estimate of the Value of the Improvements which have taken place in the Public Buildings of
between the 25 Decr. 1822 & the 24th of Decr. 1825 inclusive, and an Expose of the present state of the Public Buildings in New South Wales
By Order of His Excellency Sir Tho’s Brisbane K.C.B. etc. etc.

[Page 45]


[Buildings/Places referred to transcribed not the amounts ascribed thereto.]

Page 4 Windsor The Church
Page 6 Barrack converted to an Hospital
Page 7 Government Cottage
Page 8 Garden House
             School Room Jobs
             Commissariat Offices
             Sheds & etc
Page 9 Dr. West’s Lodge
             Old Hospital
Page 16 Campbell Town, Church & School House
Page 20 Paramatta - Store
Page 21 Barrack Stable
               Dragoon’s Stable
               Military Kitchen
Page 22 Military Guard House
Page 23 Church
               Grave Yard
Carried forward

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[Buildings/Places referred to transcribed not the amounts ascribed thereto.]

Index Brought forward
Page 24 Paramatta Gov’t Domain Back Lodge
Page 25 Factory Cells
Page 31 Gov’t Domain Garden & Observatory
               Dr McLeod’s Room, Water Closets, Bath,
Page 35 Stables, Coopers Farm, Garden Houses and Dairy Barrack
Page 36 Boat House
Total of Paramatta
Page 50 Liverpool Hospital
Total of Estimates in this Book
Total of Estimates in Book No 2
Total of Estimates in Book No 1
Total Summary of Estimates

Measurer’s Fees [indecipherable]

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[Page 48]

This Church is situated about a mile from the Town, on an emimence; built of Brick, & executed in a good and workmanlike manner, but the Mortar that has been used is of a similar description to that so often described in this Report: & therefore its permanency cannot be depended upon – the Cornices & Plaistering / tho’ comparatively well done / are already shewing cracks, & sound hollow, & will shortly give way. – The Timber used for the Pews; is Cedar, of very good quality, but miserably executed.
The Fence in front of the Burial Ground is a strong pallisading, on a Base stone capping, well painted, and in good preservation,

17 Pews average at £ 5 each
1 large Pew
17 pair of Hinges
4 pair of Hinges
3 New Tables with drawers
4 Squares of flooring taken up & laid
2 Squares in Chancel taken up & laid
of Banister & handrail
of Skirting board taken off & put on
Two circular Stairs to ascend the Pulpit
Large circular press under these stairs including locks, hinges & etc.
Sheeting of Pedestal under Pulpit & Clerks desk
of flagging & Workmanship at
A privy 7 x 6 – 8 x 8. 6 feet high, Seat & etc
of framed wainscoting in a pair of doors
Large door Case
3 pair brass hinges
Latch & Bolts
Brought over

[Page 49]

but the opposite Fence is in a very bad state, & requires to be made new
The Ornaments on the Tower / as will appear by the Plan / have been put up at a great expense, & very ill adapted for a Place of Worship, being much more suitable for a Theatre, or fancy dwelling, - there is a very good Clock in the Tower, & well preserved.

Brought over
of large Pilastery
of Moulding on Pilastery
[of] Pilastery round door, a fluted vase in centre
[of] Friese & Cornice
[of] Pilaster outside
[of] Moulding
of facie board 2 feet wide over Pilastery
[of] Jamb lining of 2 In. wide round Pilastery
[of] Water Guttar under rise of Pilastery
of brick filling over door of tower
of plain wainscoting in Clock Case
Strong frame under Clock
of floor & joists in stage of [indecipherable] Clock
of 4 in square Scantling in braces of [indecipherable]
of Beam 10 x 8
4 Squares Strong floor & Joists
of railing 5 in. square
Brackets to [indecipherable]
of Step ladder sides 10 x 2 Steps 10 x 1 ½
of handrail to Steps
Uprights to Stairs
Carr’d over

[Page 50]

This Barrack was formerly occupied by Convict Workmen, & occasionally used as a Roman Catholic Chapel
The Materials & workmanship

of 1 In. Sheeting round Spiral Stairs
37 Steps in round Spiral Stairs
3 Mens work repairing Piers
of railing 5 ft. 6 in. high enclosing yard painted
of base stone
[of] railing each side of Gateway
[of] camfused Coping under Gateway & brickwork
[of] Cut Stone in 4 Gate piers
4 Caps to Stone in 4 Gate piers
A pair of Pallisade Gates, painted, Hinges & [indecipherable]
2 Small Pallisade Gates
of good painted Post & rails, returned at right angles
of Post & railing 5 feet high
[of] painted Post & rails

Barrack converted to an Hospital.
6 Men Whitewashing
11 bushels Lime
of Tassel 7 x 4 In laid to receive Posts of Verandah
of Posts to Tassel 6 In Square
Brot over

[Page 51]

of this Building are altogether bad.
The Wall enclosing the Premises is in a very dilapidated state, as also the Privy sinks, which are exposed outside the Walls, & for want of proper sewers, are very offensive.
The foundation of this Building being laid with soft brick, & inferior loam Mortar, was mouldering away with the wet; but it has undergone a repair during the year 1823, & from better Materials being used, & proper drains made round the Buildings, with a Cesspool to absorb the damp, as recommended, it has acquired a more permanent basis, & may endure some time.

Bro’t over
of Pole
[of] roof & Shingles to Pole
[of] Ceiling Joists
[of] Ceiling to [indecipherable]
[of] Brick on edge flooring
[of] Flagging
4 Grating Stones over sewer
A Sill Stone
of Gutter under Eve. pitched & Painted
of Facie board
[of] Ceiling & Joists in alteration of Hall
1 Square of Flooring in Hall
of Ceiling in 2 Wards of Hall
[of] Beam 8 in. square put up
6 Rods, Brickwork in stacks of Chimnies with two flues each
2 Hearth Stones
2 [indecipherable] doors
2 pair Strong Hinges
1 Iron rimmed lock
1 Common lock
1 lead lock
of 18 In. Sewer including excavation
Bro’t over

[Page 52]

[This Page is missing.]

[Page 53]

Residence, either as a Villa or a Mansion.

Bro’t over
Sundry Oil Paint on Sashes & skirting boards
Whitewashing Ceilings & etc
of Floor & joists in dressing room
[of] Shirting boards
[of] Our base
[of] Jamblining 8 x 1
[of] Architecture
[of] Moulding outside
[of] Moulding round doors
[of] Caseing insundry places
[of] Brick Sewer added
Workmanship of 2 Pair Saches
Sack & Glass made new
Small badly [indecipherable] Privy including Sewer to river & excavated
of Sewer to Kitchen
Small Over in Kitchen & whitewashing

of Floor & Joist in room
A frame & Door
Whitewashing Stables
of Louvre board made new in old work,
Bro’t over

[Page 54]

This office is a Shed, adjoining the end of a Store, about 80 feet long, with two Stories.
The School room, old Hospital, Store & Doctor West’s House, are on a small scale, & the latter in a very dilapidated state.

Bro’t over
6 Squares roof & Shingles
2 Squares 18 feet, Floor & Joists in Offices
Brick Chimney with two flues
Camp Ceiling including Joists
Skirting board 7 ½ inch deep
A door frame complete
Sash frame & Glass
Door & case in back office of latter
[of] Saddle on Hips

20 Banisters to Stairs
2 Men jobbing
Building Privy 8 x 8, 11 feet high 14 In Wall
20 panes of Glass 10 x 8
8 Carpenters jobbing
Shed, & temporary repairs at the Gate House – South Creek
Bro’t over

[Page 55]

Brought over
2 Sqrs of roof & Shingles in back office
1 Sqr 8 feet of Shingles on Shed at end of back office
of Ceiling in hall of Lodge
of Plaister on Ceiling of Verandah

Sundry repairs of old Wood Works
of new casing to dormitory Windows
[of] Weather Boarding to dormitory Windows
22 panes of Glass 10 x 8

[Page 56]


The Annex’d Building is so badly executed, that tho’ it has not been built two years, strong settlements, are shewing themselves in the Walls & Ceiling; & the interior accomodations are not at all adapted for the purpose intended, as the plan will shew.

[Drawing of the Court House with a note in pencil beneath the drawing –
36 squares of shingling
120 ft of [indecipherable] flushing
40 ft of lead for the [indecipherable]
Repairs of Masonry in [indecipherable]

[Page 57]



[Page 58]


[Page 59]

Is situate about 15 Miles from Liverpool, & on a similar plan;
The only Buildings at present erected, are a Church, a small School House, & a few Bark Huts: the School House is 35 x 16 and divided into 3 rooms, where the Magistrates meet, to discharge their official duties, - this place however is so ill supplied with Water, that it would not be advisable to recommend more Buildings, - There is about 5 Miles further East, a much more eligible scite, commanding the Banks of the River Nepean

To the plaistering work for the Church & School House including the Carpentry Work to the latter as per Contract dated 3rd December 1822,
13 Extra Windows framed & set complete at 3/-
of Sophets plaistered
of Chissel’d Flagging as per Contract dated 5th december 1822
Chimney piece to School Room

[Page 60]

This Store in appearance, is a well built & spacious Building; the Stone & Brick remarkably good, - the underground Story fronting the River is built of large Mabble Stone, but for want of a sewer the wet soaks through the Soil at the back, & runs through the wall. - & the Mortar, / which is composed of a small portion of Lime to the red Earth or loam / is mouldering away – this kind of Mortar has been used throughout the Building, except a little of a better kind for Pointing the Brick & Stone.
The Beams used for the purpose of flooring, have been selected with little judgment, being of large dimensions, & the Joists cut, & chip-Capped to fit into them, which as the Beams shrink, the Joists drop down, - this might have been easily avoided by any one of common knowledge, as Joists could be procured of any length, that would run completely over the Beams, without the labour of cutting either.
The correct way, or Pediment consists of well cut stone Arches of good workmanship, but center’d so low, as to prevent any Carts with Burthens to pass under.
Part of the Walls have being built this year, & a roof is now putting on.

[Page 61]


[Page 63]

Brought over
of Flagging
[of] Stone Gutter in Flagging
[of] Bridle rack
[of] Louver Sheets
1 Lodge door
Hooks Hinges & lock
of Hay rack
[of] Flagging at Door
3 Saddle Stands

of Flagging
[of] Gutter
2 Blinds wanting repair

of flagging
[of] flagging from kitchen to barrack
[of] String course to kitchen to kitchen to barrack
Brought over

[Page 64]


Bro’t over
of Brick on Edge floor at
[of] Brick in division Walls
A Plain Hearth Stone & Chimney Piece
of Flagging in Verandah
[of] Lath & plaister in Verandah & projection of roof
[of] Sash & Glass
Workmanship, putting up 6 Columns
of Ceiling in Guard room including joists
A Guard Bed complete
[of] Wainscot door includ’g frame, lock & hinges
A Pulpit with 2 flights of Stairs & Pedestal
of framed Wainscoting in front of Gallery
4 Columns, Cap & Base
of plain facie board including old Moulding & casing of others
of Beam 10 x 8 in casing of others
of Plate to Wall
Bro’t over

[Page 65

[Drawing of Paramatta Church]

Paramatta Church has undergone sundry alterations & additions in Plaistering & wood-work. - A new Gallery has also been put up in the year 1823, but the workmanship as well as the other repairs is badly done, & it is very doubtful, whether the Walls of the Church, from the inferiority of the Materials, will be of long duration.
The Wall enclosing the Grave Yard is built with Brick & Loam, 6 feet high, 18 inches thick on a Stone Foundation; Capped with Stone & wrongly built.

Brought over
Of Floor & Joists 3 x 4 at
[of] plain Wainscoting in Seats
[of] plain Ceiling
8 Wood Stays to support framing
of Wainscoting dividing Gallery
Upholstery, with imitation Spanish leather
Stuffing to Seats & back of Governor’s Pew
of Seating in repairs of Pews
3 pair of hinges to the Pews
Sundry jobs valued at 3£
8 pair Strong Iron Hinges
of framed Wainscoting in New Pews
5 pair of Hinges

Excavating foundation of Wall
of Brick Work in Walls adjoining the road
[of] Mabble Stone foundation to Walls adjoining the road
Brought over

[Page 66]

The Walls of this Lodge are built with Mud, & capped with Brick; & in order to make them durable have been rough cast dashed, but the Experiment has failed, as the darking is all peeling off – indeed if Lime & Sand mixed together, adhered to common Earth, as Plaister, it might be considered as great a discovery as that of the perpetual Motion, – and this mode adopted too, where plenty of Stone was on the Spot, & might have been built at much less expense, & durable.

Brought over
of Mud Wall, includ’g Moulds for Back Lodge at
[of] brick Capping & Eave
[of] dashing on both sides
[of] roofing & Shingling
[of] Ceiling to projecting roof
[of] facie board to projecting roof
1 Door & frame
of Lintel & band 3 x 4
[of] Lead Light & frame
A brick Chimney
2 Window Stools
of Cut stone Base
A framed Gate & strong [indecipherable] with lock, hinges & painting
of rustic fence from Lodge to the River enclosing Domain
of rustic fence from Lodge to the Factory
Brought over

[Page 67]

Brought over
Sink Foundation
of Cut stone set in 2 Cells
2 large Arches
of Eave Course to large Arches
[of] Workmanship in 2 Arches
A door, including fastenings
of flagging
[of] plain Wainscoating for a bed
[of] Rerail

FACTORY (See Plan & etc over
of Sash & Glass
[of] Frames to Sash & Glass

of Pump, sunk for a Well thro’ a lock 5 feet deep to supply Water to the new Bath
Brought over

[Page 68]

PARAMATTA FACTORY By S.L. Harris Cl Architect

[Page 69]


[Page 70]

Factory Cells & Factory
Three double Cells have been built in the Garden, and a fourth in hand, / See Plan / but they are so contracted, & without Ventilation, or reservoirs for Wet of any kind, that they may be considered totally useless for the purpose intended. - The Stone work is strong, & of good workmanship, but the Arches are not covered, or secured in any way, to prevent them being injured by the wet. The Walls which enclose the Building, are for the most part in a very decayed state, & the Walls of the Building itself are of the worst description of Workmanship.
The Privies, from want of proper sewers, & being ill contrived, are in a most filthy state.
The Sash & Glass of this Building have been lately repaired, but done in so slovenly a manner, & so ill fitted, that they cannot be opened to give the ventilation required, without risk of breaking the Glass, & are therefore seldom or ever opened.

Bro’t over
of Earth sunk
[of] Pump Stick including bore
[of] Brick-work in lining of said Well & [indecipherable] work round Pump
A Handle & small Cistern
of [indecipherable] to small Cistern to supply Water
of Upright to small Cistern

of Brickwork in Garden
[of] Cut stone capping on Garden
[of] excavation, including puddling
[of] In lead Pipe set, excavation & filling
14 Solder’d joints to lead Pipe complete
of Trellis for Grapes 11 feet high Post 4 in square 7 band

of Pallisading including Paint
Workmanship of Gate 20/- Mortice Lock 25/-
Brought over

[Page 71]

Elevation of Bath

Brought over
2 framed Wainscot door & frame
of plaistering on partition of door & frame & wood work
[of] Floor & joist
[of] plain plaistering
of plain Base
Cut Stone to fire place
of Moulding to fire place

of ½ in Pipe to repair Water Closets
1 Rod of Brick work
of Sash & Glass
Frame to Sash & Glass
Repairing Trap

BATH in progress
of line, circular Wall Plate & other Wall plates average 8 x 4
Brought over

[Page 72]


Brought over
of Bath Circular [indecipherable] 6 x 3 Bath at
[of] Sheeting ¾ In. to receive Shingles
[of] Shingles put on
[of] Stucco Plaistering
4 Circular Head Sash frame & Glass

Cubic of Brick work in 4 piers of Gateway
Framed Wainscot Gate 11 x 6, Posts fastg’s
Hinges & Lock
Plain Wainscot door to Coach House
Lodged door to Coachman’s Apartment
of floor & joists in Coachman’s Apartment
Stone Chimney Piece
Small dresser to Coachman’s Apartment
Wood work of Bulk head & Stairs including door Hinges & etc
of Skirting board to Coachman’s Apartment
2 pair of T. Hinges
2 Locks to T. Hinges to Coachmans Apartment
of Plaistering Ceiling to Coachmans Apartment rooms
Bro’t over

[Page 73]

The Stables are not of sufficient import to give a plan of them; they have undergone considerable repair, but are still in a dilapidated state.

Bro’t over
of plain plaistering in rooms
3 Small Doors
of Floor in bedroom
Saddle to Door way
of plain plaistering 7 in. deep
1 ¾ rod. of Brick Wall
of Sash frame & Glass
4 pair of Butt hinges
of Handrail
14 Banisters to Stables
Lock & pair of hinges
of brick flooring in Shed
A Door, lock & hanging
[of] Flag 2 x 11 – 1 x 10
of Flagging
[of] Cutter cut in Flagging
[of] Flagging in Capt’n Fennells Stables
2 Square of boasted partition
A Lodge door & Hinges
of brick Sewer in Yard, & Sundry Jobs at Government House
Brought over

[Page 74]

This Domain contains about 2000 acres of Land, fenced, partly with a Stone & Brick Wall, part railing, & westward by the River. - An excellent drive round the inside had been made, & the Brush wood cleared away with great taste & judgment, to give variety to the Clumps & screen, of Trees that are interspersed, which have a very beautiful & pleasing effect - the House in comparison is but small, tho’ convenient – the Gardens are kept in good order, & every preparation made for the cultivation of the Vine, which is in a flourishing state, - they are well supplied with Water, from the forcing pump that supplies the Bath; & the

Brought over
A Mud Cottage 20 x 16 7 feet 6 In. high thatched, 2 Windows, dashed & plaistered with a brick Chimney

GARDEN HOUSE (repaired)
of Brick in Walls of Sheds to end
[of] Frame Sash & Glass
[of] Brick floor
A Brick Chimney complete
1 Square of roof in portice
2 Lodge door, Hinges & Locks
A Flag
of Brick Work
A Stone Chimney Piece
2 Windows Sash, frame & Glass
A Stack of Chimnies Complete & other Brick Work
3 Door Frames & Casing
of Ceiling repaird & Joists including Verandah
Brought over


latter, by some minor alterations that were omitted thro’ neglect of the Workmen, is a most commodious & useful appendage.

This Dairy & the one at the Barracks have been made temporary about 5 feet underground & from being cool & well ventilated, answer the purpose.

Brought over
of plain Skirting
Sundry other repairs by valuation
of Circular Sewer including excavation
A Cess Pool including excavation
A Dairy 19 x 14 feet sunk under ground, including fixtures, & Steps Complete
Sundry additions & alterations to Fowl House – Privy brick floor flagging & etc.

Sundry Diversions, flooring – Brick work in Stable Stalls, Piggeries. Yards & 200 feet of rustic paling

Repairs, & adding 2 Skillings
of invisible trellis fence enclosing plantations of Garden House
Brought over

[Page 76]

The Boat house is very convenient in its way, with three good rooms over for the use of the Boatmen

A Plan of Specification. Estimate working drawing & sections have been made for a new Court House, the present one being little more than a Cottage & scarcely habitable; it is totally unfit for the purpose, having no convenience whatever

The Jail is a Building about 80 feet long enclosed by a Wall, but it is much too small, out of repair, & quite unfit for the reception of Prisoners: it stands on a precipice overlooking the River. – the Scite is good but too near the Town for a Prison.

Brought over
of two inch sheeting in Base
of Weather boarding, includ’g brick [indecipherable]
Strong floor & Joists in rooms
Trimming 1 trap door & hinges
Brick Partition
of Ceiling
of Skirting board
A Door frame, Lock & Hinges
of Sash frame & Glass
A Stack of brick Chimnies

[Page 77]

The Barracks are enclos’d by a Brick Wall 10 feet high & will accomodate 70 men – The Building & Workmanship are of the same cast generally described

This is also enclosed by a Brick Wall & is of superior workmanship compared with other Buildings but the Materials are of the same description generally used throughout the Colony at the time of its Building.

[Page 78]


[Page 79]


[Page 80]

The Town is about 9 Miles from Paramatta, situate in the vicinity of Georges River, which is navigable to the Town, & from its locality is improving fast. A new Hospital / see Plan / is building, - the first foundation of which was commenced in the year 1822, & laid about 4 feet deep; but its insufficiency being represented to the Government the Civil Architect was directed to meet the Colonial Secretary / Major Goulburn / & Chief Engineers / Major Owens / in order to survey the same, which on inspection proved to be of such wretched Materials, & workmanship, that it was ordered to be taken up, & the foundation to be excavated

of Excavation in Foundation Sewer including taking away of large rabble Stone Work in foundation of underground Stony & sundry foundations
of Extra Bonds in Piers
[of] Base Stone 2 feet high
[of] Bettings & Ceiling Course
[of] Main Sewer 3 feet wide
[of] 18 In. Main Sewer round houses
In Division Walls & filling over Arches of underground Storage

[Page 81]

to a proper depth, with room round the Building for Services, which were at first omitted. The work has since commenced a second time, & proper stones Header & Stretcher used, close laid, & well grouted with pure Roach lime & sand. The Base Stone is laid, & Groins turned over the underground Works: & considerable progress is making in the Carpenters & Bricklayer’s work this year.

[Page 83]

The Foundation & Base of this Church are built with Stone; the Walls are Brick, & of comparative good workmanship: The Tower is a little injur’d, from the effect of a Thunder Strom during the last year, which killed a Government Servant at the Door, where he had taken shelter.
The Church being without Pews or Gallery, a Plan & specification with the Estimate, was required, & public Notice given to finish the same agreeably thereto: - the work in consequence was commenced, & is now nearly finished, & the Church will shortly be open for Divine Service.
The Body of the Church having been previously flagged

[Page 84]

and the Walls plaistered, considerable useless expense was incurr’d that ought to have been avoided, particularly where such Materials are difficult to be procured; and this System has also been adopted in other places for want of Persons capable of conducting the Works in the Several Departments: - instead of which, it was no uncommon thing to observe a Plano-maker who could not strike out a Sash or Door; an Overseer of 60 or 70 Carpenters, & a bad Cabinet-Maker directing the Stone Cutters:- in fact any one gifted with fluency of speech, was set to superintend Concerns that he was totally ignorant of, & in course unfit for,- thus may the irregularity incompetency & dilapidated state of the Public Buildings be accounted for throughout the colony.

[Page 85

There is a Store here, & other temporary Buildings, but not of sufficient note to report upon.
The Remarks on the Gaol at Sydney are generally applicable to the Gaol at this Town, it being very little superior.

[Page 86]

The Author of this Report, in pursuance of the Instructions received by him from Government on the 24th february last, to survey, & prepare a general Estimate of the value of the Work, performed by the Convict Labourers in the different Public Buildings throughout the Colony, from the 25th december 1822 to 24th Dec’r. 1823: as also the exact state of repairs, in which these Buildings might be found, has now the honor of submitting the different Estimates, with the Plans of the Buildings, & his remarks thereon - It has been his intention throughout, to execute this Work in the most able, correct, & impartial manner of which he was capable; & here, as a Supplement to his remarks upon the Public Works, he makes a few further observations, that have come under his notice, during the present Survey: And first, he would advert to the expensive, & insufficient plan, pursued in making & repairing the Bridges,- the one now rebuilding at Windsor, is a proof of this assertion, for instead of throwing over a stout, truss’d & framed wooden Bridge, of one Arch, / which from the bold situation of the Bank’s might have been done at little more cost than what is now expended. / the same principle is followed as that first introduc’d into the Colony, by placing Piles in the Sides & Bed of the River, which collect all the rubbish continually floating down; & in the event of a flood, must unavoidably destroy every Bridge so constructed.
While this wretched mode of constructing

[Page 87]

Bridges is still persisted in, there is a gratifying contrast exhibited in the Public Roads, which in every direction are daily improving, owing to the judicious system & careful inspection of the Chief Engineer, Major Ovens. - & this leads him to remark on the Highways, & foot paths in Sydney, which do not keep pace with other improvements. – as the former, for want of proper drains to fall into a main Sewer, that would carry off the Wet & Soil, are often impassable; while the latter from no regular plan being adopted by the Proprietors & Occupiers of Houses, are not only inconvenient but extremely unsafe -

[Transcribed by Rosemary Cox for the State Library of New South Wales]