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Mary Reibey (Molly Haydock) - letter to her aunt Penelope Hope - Sydney, 8 October 1792
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1792 Mrs. Reiby
first Letter -

To Mrs Hope
Church street blackburn

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Octb 8th 1792 bottany bay

My Dear aunt

We arrived here on the 7th and I hope it will answer better than we expected for I write this on Board of ship but it looks a pleasant place - Enough we shall but have 4 pair of trowser to make a week and we shall have one pound of rice a week and 4 pound of pork besides Greens and other Vegetaibles the tell me I am for life wich The Governor teld me I was but for 7 years wich Grives me very much to think of it but I will watch every oppertunity to get away in too or 3 years But I will make my self as happy as I Can In my Pressent and unhappy situation I will Give you - Further satisfaction when I Get there and is settld I am well and hearty as ever I was in my life I - Desire you will answer me by some ship that is - Coming and lett me know how the Children is and all inquireing friends so I must Conclude because we are in a hurry to go a shore remember - My Love to my sister and aunt wamsley and My Cousens so no more at pressent from your undutifull neice Mary Haydock Mr Scot Took 2 Ginnues of me and said he would get me My Libberty with my sister has been very ungrat [?] To me so I must never see you again -