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Moritz Gotthelf - illuminated address presented by the employees of Messrs. Feldheim, Gotthelf Ltd, 29 December 1911
MLMSS 7103

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29th December,
Moritz Gotthelf,

John Sands Ld. Sydney

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The Employees of Messrs. Feldheim, Gotthelf, Ltd. desire on the eve of your departure from Sydney to express their appreciation of your many acts of generosity and kindness, and beg your acceptance of this slight token of acknowledgment of your sterling qualities, sympathetic and genial manner, and tactful administration, which command the admiration and esteem of all whom you have been brought in contact with, both in your business career and private life.
While your departure will be keenly felt and regretted by us, we trust that you and yours will have an enjoyable and beneficial sojourn abroad, and will be blessed with long life, health, and prosperity.
We are, Dear Sir,
Yours faithfully,

[Signed] Hy. Isaacs Director
     Alfred Leslie Secretary

On behalf of the Employees of
Messrs. Feldheim, Gotthelf, Ltd.

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To Moritz Gotthelf Esqr

Dear Sir

Desirous of expressing our appreciation of the manifold acts of kindness and consideration we have for many years received at your hands, request your acceptance of this Memento as an assurance of our hearty solicitude for your welfare and happiness
We sincerely trust your Journey may prove the means of restoring you to perfect Health, and that you may thoroughly enjoy the Change and relaxation so necessary to you.
Wishing you Mrs. Gotthelf and Family every happiness and prosperity a pleasant Voyage and speedy return
We are Dear Sir
Yours sincerely

W. Gross, M. Levy, H.B. Cohen, A. Phillips, E.E. Phillips, B. Solomon, M. Merton, W.H. Flemming, A.S. Phillips, P.S. Abrahams, S.B. Moss, A. Beckett, J.A. Dodds, S. Raphael, D. Joski, L. Des Condres, J.S. Joseph, L. Meyer, T.S. Frewin, W. Auerbach, P. Millingen, E. Rintel, G. Loutit, G. Grimes, F. Dyer, E. Dyer, T. Brown.