Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales

The Charles T.P. Ulm collection of historical aviation records, Part 1, 1919-1965
MLMSS 3359

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X234/7/H.Q.- Reply
Sir - Are you on the true course for Honolulu, please -
If so - how dare you -
Please explain fully and without equivocation
OC Troops

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Harry I checked us off the ground at 8.54 P.C.T. and out Golden gate at 9.06 P.C.T.
If 9.06 is correct, Elapsed time would be 7 hrs 54 minutes plus time change to Ships time. Have you changed it 50 minutes if so O.K. and our speed made good over ground is 92.3 statute miles per hour-
How are both of you back - enjoying the scenery, eh!!
or what have you
Send out our D.R position, Q.S.T. 1/2 hourly now, I suggest

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6ARD Examiner and repeat to V.I.S. Sunflight -
Been flying low all day to ensure gasoline economy have encountered and flown through many small rain storms and recently had a scare when starboard motor started spluttering - all O.K. now Altitude 600

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Time difference of our noon position and Suva is 1hr & 14 minutes so its getting dark tomorrow in Suva at about seven Pm is 31 hours of daylight + 1hr 1/4 = 32hrs1/4. Is it enough? Hows Petrol?

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Wheeler Field HU Please return
KHAB adjustment of Radio beacon at Wheeler Field so as to accomplish let T with Present apparatus impossible stop the letter X with E I letter T. W. or N
Honolulu is a bunch of Tramps
they're all f'd up

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Don't let me influence you but should we not be heading more to the Starboard - say about 5 degrees. Can you get a fix from any of these stars. Set course for centre Phoenix Group

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That's the 2nd time in my life I've been scared. The other was when a man was firing at me point blank & couldn't hit me

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Jim - don't report this terrific storm we are in - It would worry our people to death. Will tell you should things become very serious

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Chas, When Jim Warner and I get back to U.S. we sure are going to try and have Smithy made president.

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They sure make my job hard Enuf with that damn jiggling & unsteady Flying

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Set course by aperiodic if Jim cannot fix E.I.C. then by signal tell me to go R or L until we on aperiodic course. Will then check on this steering compass

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Harry can't you get a star position at all? Or can't Jim get a radio bearing
getting pretty serious if we dont get one in a few hours

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If anybody hereafter suggests to me that I go practice blind flying, I'm going to caress them gently on the skull with a pisspot.

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Damned good work Harry, old Lion, keep on doing your stuff
Smithy & Chas

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Chas, With bad weather etc I think it will be well after eleven before we pass Noumea but I feel she is pretty much on course; I'll check with sights. Power to you. Carry on. Cheers

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If you can find the shortest way we can easily make it.
Harry, my darling, lead and I shall follow - find that Bloody Suva and Smithy will land this buzz wagon OK.